The capital of the historical state Kapilvastu or Lumbini holy place, birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha 29 years if his early life.Lumbini is the critical pilgrimage for every Buddhist. Lord Buddha was born 6th century B.C. Lumbini; it is popular place for tourist destination Buddhist or non Buddhist visitor every year more than 400 thousand.
A visit to Lumbini is not only for religious enlightenment but also for relief with fulfillment in life such a calm and peaceful place. There are famous place to visit The twin stupas, Museum, Gotihawa, Kudan, Jagadispur Lake, Thaulshwar Nat temple, Sacred garden, Mayadevi temple, Puskarni pond, and International Gautami Nuns temple many more.

Lumbini is the 22 Km from border town of Bhairahawa, which is connected by air to Kathmandu or can travel by vehicle within eight hour drive.  It is best tour in your life to know about Buddhist religion from where start. Natural trips offer to you best offer.


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